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Primeval drabble: Pattern (Helen, Nick, PG)

Title: Pattern
Author: eriah211
Rating: PG
Characters: Nick Cutter, Helen Cutter
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money made, don’t sue.
Wordcount: 100
Spoilers: None
Summary: Helen wants to make a point.
A/N: Thank you very much to the wonderful fredbassett for the beta and patience.


The first anomaly they found following Helen’s instructions led them to a bloody Viking raid.

The second one to a muddy battlefield covered by armoured men and gutted horses.

After the next one opened to a Luftwaffe bombing, Lester ran out of patience and ordered to them to ignore further messages. When the next note was slipped under his door, Nick took his car and left alone.

Helen was waiting for him through the anomaly. She pointed to the distant city. Nick turned to see a growing mushroom cloud.

“This is what humans do, Nick. Don’t tell me I’m wrong.”

I'm making this post just for maintenance purposes because, unlike in RL, I like to keep my digital stuff very tidy (oh, how many folders and sub-folders do I have!).

Art Challenge 2 The Bridge

I realised too late that I should have posted the artwork in my lj and then posted a link to it in primeval_denial, that way all the stuff would be together in my lj, like it always usually is. Now I'm posting a link to the original post of my art for the Art Prompt Challenge in Denial so I will find it quickly if needed.

Link to the original post

That's all! ^_^
Title: Any Given Monday
Characters/Pairings: Lorraine, Lester, Ryan, Jenny
Wordcount: 1,750
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, don’t money made, don’t sue.
Summary: Lorraine had a bad day at the office. They all did.
Author's Note: This is my fic for the primeval_denial Art Prompt Challenge 2014. The art has been done by the lovely lonely_candle (you can find it here). Even if I have been suffering a severe lack of inspiration these last months, as soon as I saw it a bunny appeared so thank you for that! Also a lot of thanks to fredbassett for the super-fast, but always thorough beta. Any remaining mistakes are all mine. Enjoy!

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Acrobat raccoon
Well, this was the original idea: bookmarks. ^_^
A long, long time ago I did a few B/W bookmarks so people could print them easily at home and when I though about the silhouettes series, I wanted to do the same for each character, but somehow I started making the headers and left this for "later".

Since it has been a horrible time lately this has taken me way longer than I thought, but here they are. These are the silhouettes I already used on the headers. If you want to, you can print them on coloured cardboard, I think it would look good.

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SG-A fic: Sleepsong (Lorne/Parrish)

Title: Sleepsong
Author/Artist:  eriah211
Pairing: Lorne/Parrish
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1,220
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money made, don’t sue.
A/N: Dedicated to the memory of the lovely clwilson2006. She was always enthusiastic and encouranging about this fandom and even though I joined the lorne/parrish fun not long ago, I miss her a lot. And I know she is missed by many, special people like her always are.
A/N2: Betaed by the awesome fredbassett, who is always ready to give me a hand. Thank you, dear! Title borrowed from a song by Secret Garden that also inspired this fic.

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Primeval Silhouettes Graphic Series: Part 3

Here it is the third and last header of the silhouettes series. After this one I have a few other ideas in mind and hopefully now I will have more time to work on them.

This is the cast of the last series of Primeval. As usual, I would have loved to add more characters to the header, but they would have looked really tiny so this will have to do.

Clic to see the full-size header:


Primeval Silhouettes Graphic Series: Part 2

OK, so not a big surprise this time, because it's a variation of the first one, but here it is the second graphic of this series about silhouettes.

I wanted to make one header for each series, but I got stuck with some silhouettes that didn't seem to work so I will just do one for each main team (or sort of). That means there is still one more left with Matt, Jess and the rest.

Clic to see the full-size header:


Fandom Stocking graphics, the big repost.

Since February is almost over, I thought I should post the Fandom Stocking graphics before it would get ridiculously late for that. I have been delaying it for way too long, but here they are, all of them in one post because, lets be serious, if I had to make one post for each one of them, well, it would be December again and I still wouldn't have finished.

I tried to make one wallpaper for each person, but sometimes I couldn't find good pics and some other times I couldn't get any inspiration for a big graphic (sorry, guys, I usually spend that time to make just one graphic and I had to make 14 of them) so a few of you got smaller ones.

I read carefully the likes and dislikes and tried to make something special for each person, I hope I succeeded, at least a few times. Also, since I wanted to play in other playgrounds, I tried to work in different fandoms so there are a few different ones:

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Primeval Silhouettes Graphic Series: Part 1

Well, a long time ago I thought about making some silhouettes themed graphics and finally this month I decided to start (better late than never).

Since I'm not working much with the computer at home lately, making all the graphics I had in mind was going to take some time so I decided to post them separatedly. Here it is the firts one: a header with the main characters from S1 (OK, except for Lester, I just couldn't make room for him in the header without ruining the composition so he will have to wait for the next one).

Clic to see the original sized graphic.


Showing off: awesome fic cover

I received a wonderful fic cover in my fandom stocking, made by lsellersfic for my Secret Santa fic and I just wanted to show it off. Isn't it just perfect? ^_^


I was dying to add it to my fic post, but it took me longer than I expected. I have finally done it (big yay for me!). If you click on the image it should take you to the fic and the original sized cover.